pursuing the Light

“Hedonism” is a word that gets a lot of hate. It conjures up connotations of selfish pleasure-seeking behavior with no moral good. But I believe our pursuit of physical pleasures is just the universe’s way of enjoying itself. We are the universe having a good time while we’re here. If we’re not allowed to experience pleasure, then what the hell is any of this for?

I’ve frequented BDSM pool parties in the Inland Empire. I’ve been a part of that community for some time. I’ve attended workshops on the Japanese art of Shibari, I even have textbooks about it on my shelf. I’ve hosted rooftop pool parties in Hollywood, complete with hookahs, topless girls in the elevator, and 5′ pizzas. I’ve enjoyed Raves in warehouses in downtown LA while tripping on substituted phenethylamines. I had assumed I was just looking for an escape at the time, but retroactively I can see that I was really just finding a way to be at peace with my environment.

Once you’ve found your flow, the world just melts around you. Every motion you make has a purpose and time isn’t a hindrance anymore.
The pursuit of happiness includes physical pleasure, but it’s only the first step.
Our personal pursuit of pleasure is a reminder of what we are fighting for, otherwise how would we know where to direct our light?