My Story – KCMO and Dallas

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I lived with my mom for a year but all I did was smoke weed and drink beer. Sure I was clean off of drugs, but I was very depressed and my life was going nowhere. I had met a girl on Facebook actually and through talking for a bit, she actually mailed me some Xanax. I was very drunk and acting out, combined with the Xanax… needless to say… I ended up in a psych ward for two weeks. My mom didn’t want me to live with her anymore so when I got out of the hospital, I was homeless on the streets of KCMO. This is was very depressing because Kansas City, MO is not flat, it is covered in hills and hard to walk around. It’s also VERY COLD. Do I look cold and miserable in this photo? I’d wake up to bullshit like this every morning. Like… how the hell do you even function like this?

That girl I’d mentioned from Facebook? Well she lived in Denton, TX which is just north of Dallas so I didn’t spend too many months on the streets of KCMO before hopping on a Greyhound and showing up to Dallas. It was much warmer and I made new friends. – You can see I was much more tanned down in Dallas, walking around those streets for maybe 6 months, a year, I don’t remember. – The sunburns were so bad. The shelters were so bad you’d have to basically call it a night at 3:30pm. It was nearly impossible to get fresh clothes. I was always dirty but I was free and having a good time with new friends. I sometimes miss these days. lol

Remember when I said my friend took me across state lines to get me clean and save my life? Well, technically I was violating the terms of my probation. And ever since then, I had a bench warrant out for my arrest in the state of CA. This warrant was always a point of anxiety for me whenever I would come near cops and one day it actually happened where some cops harassed me enough to run my name, find the warrant, and place me in Dallas jail while they figured out what to do about the warrant.

Okay so, I’ve done a lot of time. I’ve been in a lot of LA county lockups and jails, as well as two state prisons… but Dallas County Jail was the worst place I’ve ever been forced to stay. When I arrived into the pod, about 20 black guys all turned to look at me at once, and because I arrived after dinner, I was the only one eating. It appeared I was the center of attention so everybody wanted to know more about me. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

Somebody mentioned religion and I think I let it slip that I wasn’t a Christian. I’m an atheist. A bunch of these guys started flipping out at me threatening to kill me and send me to hell which is about right for Christians I’ve met. I was trying to get the guards attention the whole time by banging on the glass but I was being ignored. Finally I figured out a way to immediately get guards into the pod. I started smashing my face into the metal table as loudly and as hard as I could until my nose was bleeding. I made sure blood was everywhere and and I just kept smashing and smashing, blood covering the entire tabletop and dripping onto the floor, everybody finally backed off, the guards magically realized they needed to do their jobs and they took me outside of the pod into another room. When the guards scanned my wristband, they discovered that I was a free man, I wasn’t even supposed to be locked up, that they had no right to hold me anyway, and what they were doing was incredibly illegal. They were trying to kill me for no reason.

After that, I decided Dallas was burnt and I wanted to meet this girl in Denton, I hopped on a train, drove up there and showed up at her door. She was a lot fatter than she let on, but we all are. She took care of me for a good amount of time. Too long, I should have been looking for work but I was just drinking the whole time. One night, I mixed them with her Xanax (again) and… well… I ended up in Denton County Jail for like… 8 months I think. Getting really sick of being behind bars but I spent the time helping people get their GEDs in exchange for them helping me practice my Spanish. I studied textbooks and worked out a lot. When I finally got out of jail in Denton I knew it was time to come back home to CA…

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