find your Light

My interactions with people are completely different than they used to be. It’s so fun to see a light turn on in people’s eyes, and I love when they start talking to me about whats happening in their own lives. I just did some bloodwork and the doctor who took my blood is definitely feeling compressed by his job. He wants to get a tattoo and I was trying to inspire him to express himself through the way he presents himself to the world. The girl at Taco Bell was going through a lot it seemed, but she did her job well and seemed genuine when I asked her how she was shining her light today. But there was a pause when I asked.

It brings me such joy to watch people react and work it around in their heads. People have much more complexity to them than just the way we see them while they’re at work. Every worker you see is an individual speck of light, like you and I, and we’re all just searching for a way out of the darkness. Finding what makes us burn the brightest is the only way we will see our way out of it.