a Critical Light

I see so many lights in peoples eyes, but there’s a fear preventing us from sharing it. We’re afraid of the opinions of others so we muffle our own voices and carry on with our day. However, this only gives power to the loudest voices in the room. The loudest voices are generally carried by people without that self-aware fear preventing them from being able to act. This had led to shitty ideas overpowering any decent ones.

For too long we’ve allowed these shitty people to control us and to sway our opinions. Enough! The world is ready for a grand new awakening. Lets hear all of these new ideas and thoughts and let’s let the public debate and filter out the bad ones. Through openness, honesty, and humility, we will be able to create something positive and meaningful for the future. Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard, but be prepared for criticism. It is only through criticism that we can learn how to make these ideas better, so that we can find the best ideas and implement them in a way that blesses society as a whole.

If you feel you are being criticized, don’t take it as cue to become angry. Analyze the criticism to understand how to make your ideas better. I think many people take criticism the wrong way, and either withdraw back into the safety of their quiet isolation, or they become angry at the criticizer and a conflict ensues. I don’t think either of those things is healthy, and I believe that healthy criticism is an opportunity for personal growth and positive change.

And don’t be afraid to criticize things yourself, even if its about the people you love. Nobody should be immune to it, and nobody should be above the chance to make themselves a better person. We should all want to make ourselves better people, and we’ll never be able to do that if our voices aren’t being heard.

Critical thinking, reason, and compassion will get us through this, and there’s a brighter world on the other side.